Friday, March 04, 2016

ILL-inois: Retired superintendent whose schools are on financial watch list collects $300K annual pension

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As I've remarked before if Al Capone was around today he'd be in the public pension racket. Because that's where the big money is.

From CBS Chicago:
A leading government watchdog is criticizing a pension deal that's giving the former superintendent for Lincoln-Way High School District more than $300,000 a year.

The former superintendent of District 210, Lawrence Wyllie, has the largest pension in the Illinois Teachers Retirement System.

It's not the only large pension. But Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association says it's one of the causes of the state’s pension crisis and it has to stop.
District 210 doesn't pay Wylie's pension, all Illinois taxpayers do--yes, including me.

While Wylie was driving Lincoln-Way into the ground financially his salary never cracked $300,000 a year. But pensions are nothing but deferred salary. At one time they were meant to provide for living expenses when workers were too old and sick to care for themselves.

District 210 is on Illinois' watch list. This summer one of Lincoln-Way's four schools will close because administrators and construction companies conned taxpayers into thinking massive population growth--which never came--would warrant a doubling of the high schools in the Will County district.

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