Saturday, December 26, 2015

Smug Kristol predicts Trump's "mystique" will disappear with Iowa loss

Bill Kristol, the smug jerk who is an entrenched part of the Republican establishment, predicts if Republican frontrunner Donald Trump loses the Iowa Caucuses five weeks from now, his "mystique" will vanish and another candidate, possibly Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Chris Christie will win the Republican nomination.

The latter two are in the single-digits in current national polls.

Really Bill?


Holding My Nose said...

It's a mystery to me how the Iowa caucuses have come to have such an important place in the primary process. Granted they are the first in the nation, but they are not a true election but more of a meeting of social clubs one evening. Apparently only about 20% of possible voters bother to attend. IIRC Rod Paul and Shrillary gamed the system by bussing in supporters to swing the "vote" their way in 2008. Yet the pundits have a field day with the results. Let's wait and see what happens this time around.

John Ruberry said...

"And there is way too much 'Candidate X' came to my town so that person is getting my vote" going on too.