Thursday, December 17, 2015

Chicago suburb approves right-to-work

There is some rare good news out of Ill-inois, thanks to village board of Lincolnshire, which will give some workers in the Lake County Chicago suburb the right to opt-out of paying union dues.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Lincolnshire is among the earliest municipalities in the area to step into the right-to-work arena, proponents of the plan said. The ordinance affects only private companies and has no impact on its unionized teachers, firefighters or police officers. The Buffalo Grove Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, village employees and several trustees all were unable to estimate how many unionized employees work in Lincolnshire.

The trustees listened to 15 right-to-work detractors and four who spoke in its favor. After about an hour, they closed the public comment period and approved the measure 5-1.

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