Friday, October 09, 2015

Latvia considering conscription in light of Russian aggression

Latvian flag
It's always been a goal of the United States to have NATO members kick-in more on defense spending. But it would be better if they did so out of responsibility rather than fear. Due to President Obama's wish for a diminished America, Russia is getting aggressive again, which of course brings fear to its neighbors.

From DefenseNews:
Normunds Stafeckis, the spokesperson for Latvia’s Defence Ministry, said the country is mulling to reintroduce conscription as a result of the geopolitical tensions related to the conflict in Ukraine. Earlier this year, neighboring Lithuania announced it will reinstate conscription for the same reason.

"The issue is on the agenda, but not this year," Stafeckis said in a radio interview, as reported by Russia’s state-run news agency Sputnik News.

The spokesperson said that reservist exercises are scheduled to be launched this fall, and to date, 300 former servicemen have been issued notifications to participate in the drills.
Latvia, like other eastern European nations, is increasing defense spending.

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