Friday, October 09, 2015

Felon former governor George Ryan doesn't want felons labeled for life

One of the recent Illinois governors to serve time in prison is George Ryan, a long time pol. A felon, Ryan doesn't want felons to be deemed as such for life.

Well George, then don't do the crime in the first place.

From AP:
Ryan was speaking Friday before the Coalition to Reduce Recidivism's 12th annual luncheon in Waukegan. He told attendees the "felon" tag is a deterrent to someone looking for a job.

The Republican Ryan spent more than five years behind bars on corruption charges.

He said during his incarceration at a Terre Haute, Indiana federal prison he saw many young men who have to wear the felon tag "for the rest of their lives."
The felon-for-life-tag is something that should be taught in schools--but since moral-relativists are running are educational institutions, it won't be a classroom subject any time soon.

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