Tuesday, October 06, 2015

IL budget impasse puts Adlai Stevenson exhibit on hold at Abraham Lincoln Library

Reagan birthplace, Tampico, IL
When I heard last year that the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield was planning a special exhibit on the life of two-time presidential loser Adlai Stevenson II, I wondered, where is the Reagan exhibit?

After all, "Dutch" was born in Illinois--Adlai was born in California--but more importantly, Reagan served two terms as president and like Honest Abe, he was a Republican. Stevenson was a one term Illinois governor and a Democrat.

Well, it turns out I was angry over nothing. Because of the ongoing budget crisis between members of Stevenson's party and Illinois' Republican reform governor, the Adlai display has been put on hold. 

Oh, I'm sure Stevenson will eventually have his day in Illinois' capital city--but when that's over, bring Reagan to the ALPLM.

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