Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rally in Latvia against accepting Middle Eastern refugees

Old town Riga, Latvia
Latvia is standing up for itself.

From AFP:
Hundreds of Latvians marched through the capital Riga on Tuesday to protest against the Baltic state's decision to take in 776 refugees as Europe struggles with a record migrant crisis.

The 500-strong crowd, according to police, waved banners calling on the government to resign and depicting European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker as dictator Adolf Hitler.

Other slogans included "Against immigrants" and "The Baltic is ours" at the rally attended by two members of the right-wing National Alliance, one of three parties in the government ruling coalition.

"The refugees are not victims, most of them are here for money," protestor Pols Vaivods said while clutching a banner in praise of Hungary and its Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who gave his army new powers this week to block the migrant influx.
Vaivods is right--most of Europe is being hoodwinked. Hungary of course is a notable exception. These are mostly economic refugees fleeing failed states.

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