Wednesday, September 02, 2015

President of the Left: Obama started the War on Cops

Niles, Illinois cop responding to a routine call
Six years ago a Cambridge, Massachusetts police sergeant came to the home of a Harvard University professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., because there were reports of a break-in at his home. There wasn't one--but because Gates, a friend of President Obama, acted like a boor and tried to turn the routine police inquiry into an incident of racial conflict, he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Life is so much easier if you cooperate with cops. Really, it is.

Sure, Obama had his fabled "beer summit" with the police officer and Gates--but two years later his party openly embraced the police-hating Occupy movement. And last week the Democrats formally endorsed the police-hating Black Lives Matter group. Where was Obama's condemnation when that leftist rabble chanted "Pigs in a blanket--fry 'em like bacon" earlier this week?

Three years ago offshoots of the Occupy movement were holding "Fuck the Police" marches.

The White House sent three representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown who charged a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri--the cop used justified force in shooting the violent shoplifter.

Obama has never given a strong show of support for police officers--who, unlike most people, put their lives on the line whenever they report to work. That's because Obama does not govern for the benefit of over 300 million Americans. He's all about placating his leftist base--which is at best suspicious of the police.

But cops protect us from anarchy. Obama either doesn't get it or he doesn't care.

Last week a police officer was murdered while pumping gas. Yesterday a police officer in Obama's adopted home state of Illinois was shot to death while responding to a report of suspicious activity.

Cops lives matter.

There's a war on cops now and it can be traced back to when Obama said a police officer "acted stupidly" when he was simply doing his job.

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Louisiana Steve said...

Exactly, and Obama shows a similar disdain for our military. In fact, you can add our Constitution and many other forms of traditional authority to the list.

Holding My Nose said...

After years of associating with William Ayers and Reverend Wright is it any wonder?

Anonymous said...

These mass murders were all Ronald Reagan's Fault:

Aug 20, 1982 (White) Carl Robert Brown opened fire inside a welding shop, injured and killed 11
July 18, 1984 (White) James Oliver Huberty opened fire inside McDonalds, injured and killed 41
July 29, 1984 (White) Abdelkrim Belachheb opened fire inside a nightclub, injured and killed 7
Aug 20, 1986 (White) Patrick Sherrill opened fire inside a post office, injured and killed 21
April 23, 1987 (White) William Cruse opened fire at 2 grocery stores, killed 6 include 2 policemen
Feb 16, 1988 (White) Richard Farley opened fire at his employer ESL Inc, injured and killed 11
Jan 17, 1989 (White) Patrick Purdy opened fire at Cleveland Elementary School where many Southeastern Asians were enrolled, injured and killed 35

These mass murders were all George Herbert Walker Bush's fault:

Sept 24, 1989 (White) Joseph Wesbecker opened fire at his workplace, injured and killed 21
June 18, 1990 (Black) James Edward Pough opened fire at General Motors, injured and killed 14
Oct 16, 1991 (White) George Hennard opened fired at Luby's Cafeteria, injured and killed 44
Nov 1, 1991 (Asian) Gang Lu opened fire on college campus, injured and killed 7
Nov 14, 1991, (White) Thomas McIivane opened fire at postal workplace, injured and killed 10
May 1, 1992, (White) Eric Houston opened fire at high school, injured and killed 14
Oct 15, 1992, (White) John Miller opened fire at county child support services, injured and killed 5

These mass murders were all George W Bush's fault:

Feb 5, 2001, (White) William D Baker opened fire at workplace, injured and killed 9
July 8, 2003, (White) Douglas Williams racially motivated, opened fire at Lockheed Martin, injured and killed 15
Dec 8, 2004, (White) Nathan Gale opened fire at a concert, injured and killed 12
March 12, 2005, (White) Terry Michael Ratzman opened fire at a church mtg inside Sheraton Hotel, injured and killed 11
March 21, 2005 (Native American) Jeffrey Weise killed Grandfather and his gf, then opened fire on campus, killed 15
Jan 30, 2006, (White) Jennifer San Marco opened fire at mail processing plant, injured and killed 8
March 25, 2006, (White) Kyle Aaron Huff opened fire at a rave afterparty, injured and killed 9
Oct 2, 2006, (Amish) Charles Carl Roberts opened fire inside a girl's 1 room school house killing 5, injured and killed 10
Feb 12, 2007, (?) Sulejman Talović opened fire at Utah shopping center, injured and killed 10
April 16, 2007, (Asian) Seung-Hui Cho opened fire at Virginia Tech, injured and killed 56
Oct 7, 2007, (White) Tyler Peterson off duty sheriff's deputy opened fire at homecoming party, injured and killed 7
Dec 5, 2007, (White) Robert Hawkins opened fire inside a mall, injured and killed 13
Feb 7, 2008, (White) Steven Kazmierczak opened fire inside a lecture hall, injured and killed 27
June 25, 2008, (White) Wesley Neal Higdon opened fire at Atlantis Plastic's Factory, injured and killed 7


Corrupted grand juries and racist, corrupt prosecutors that protect dirty pigs have drawn a bullseye on the backs of the Po Po. You brought it on yourself.

John Ruberry said...

I'm glad you've mastered cut and paste.

Is Marilyn Mosby (Black) of Baltimore City a corrupt prosecutor?