Tuesday, September 01, 2015

One-percenter Lindsey Graham criticizes surging Ben Carson

Republican-in-Name-Only Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is a bottom feeding presidential candidate.

He's a member of the "one-percent," but not in a good way.

Not only he is not a fan of Donald Trump, he's chilly on Ben Carson.

From CNN:
"Ben Carson's a nice guy, I think he fits Iowa much better than Trump," Graham said on CNN's "New Day," when asked why Carson had shot to the front of the pack in a new Iowa poll.

"But what we'll see over time, as the electorate starts thinking about 'Who do we want to be the next commander-in-chief?'" Graham said. "I don't know what Dr. Carson's done over the last 10 years other than surgery, which is amazing, it's something I couldn't do. But over the last decade I've been going to Iraq and Afghanistan, for over 35 times, learning from my mistakes, Bush's mistakes, Obama's mistakes."

Carson has been polling toward the front of the GOP pack, most recently tying Republican front-runner Donald Trump for 23% among Iowans, in a poll where Graham garnered less than 1%.
Graham's entire career is a mistake.

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