Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I am sick of liberal "experts" on Reagan claiming the Gipper wouldn't fit in today's GOP

Reagan statue,
Dixon, IL
There is one thing I've had my fill of--and that is liberal know-it-alls who, if they are old enough, never voted for Ronald Reagan, or if they could go back in time would have without a doubt chosen the inept Jimmy Carter or the hapless Walter Mondale over the man who revitalized the American economy and won the Cold War--yet these "experts" have the wisdom to claim that the Gipper wouldn't have a place in today's "far-right" Republican Party.

Greg Sargent, a liberal blogger for the Washington Post, fits into the latter category. Yesterday the hack cited as "evidence" a Center for American Progress report that states the current generation of GOP presidential candidates are in Sargent's words, "are all well to the right of Reagan." Even if that is true--it isn't by the way--it was Reagan who pushed GOP firmly into a conservative direction, which effectively smothered the liberal Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party.

Oh, a CAP analysis of conservatism is about as valid as an ISIS discussion on the Talmud.

So even if the GOP is more conservative than it was in the 1980s--then it's just following the direction Reagan pointed to when he won the presidency.

As for Sargent--has he ever voted for a Republican?

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