Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hobson's choice from Rahm: Huge tax increase or layoff cops and firefighters

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has given residents a Hobson'schoice--suck it in and accept a $600 million property tax hike--or lay off police officers and firefighters.

There's never a middle choice with liberals.

I have a few of ideas, although I'm sure it doesn't add up to $600 million: First: Cut the number of city council from fifty to ten--or eleven, perhaps an odd number works best. And here's a side deal--take away the unofficial control of zoning changes from these venal swines so businesses can prosper and yes, be taxed--then these jobs-creators will no longer have to kowtow to these back alley despots.

Also, Rahm and the city has to take a serious look at arcane union rules that do nothing but add bodies to the workforce. For instance, on some street and sanitation crew truck drivers do nothing but drive a truck--while others work on sanitation.

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