Tuesday, September 22, 2015

After refugee influx Germany could end up with Europe's largest Muslim population

A new Germany is on the horizon.

From the Arab News:
When the flood of Middle Eastern refugees arriving in Europe finally ebbs and asylum-seekers settle down in their new homes, Germany could unexpectedly find itself housing the continent's largest Muslim minority.

The arrival of so many Syrians fleeing their country's brutal civil war is bound to change the face of Islam in Germany, which until now has been dominated by the Turks who first came as so-called "guest workers" in the 1960s.

While refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries are also arriving, the Syrians make up the largest single contingent — estimated at about 45 percent — and have the best chances of being granted political asylum here.

The longer-term impact on Germany, which unlike Britain or France has no tradition of taking in immigrants from former colonies, is unclear. Many are still struggling through problems all refugees face such as learning the language and getting a job. The number of those yet to follow them is also unknown.
Unclear? Sure. But Muslims do not integrate well into non-Muslim nations. I predict multi-generational poverty, Muslim ghettoes, and yes, violence.

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