Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chicago values: 12 shot in 7 hours overnight--Oh, gangs are active in city politics

This sign is needed
at Chicago's City Hall
About twenty-four hours ago a shooting spree began in Chiraq that led to twelve people being shot in a seven hour span.

This is absolutely tragic.

Rahm Emanuel had this to say about the bloodshed. "It's time that our criminal justice system and the laws as it relates to access to guns and the laws for using them reflect the values of the people of the city of Chicago."

Ah yes, Chicago values. This is the same Chicago that has seen thirty-one aldermen convicted of crimes since 1972. That's almost one a year.

Guns aren't the problem in Chicago--street gangs are. And here's a dirty secret: street gang members actively participate in Chicago City Council campaigns. This is not a new political development.

So Rahm: Shut up about your Chicago values and attack and defeat the street gangs. And put some teeth into the city's inspector general's office--twist some arms if you have to--but force Chicago's City Council to permit that office to investigate them.


zimmy said...

People don't kill people; inanimate objects such as guns do.

Unknown said...

Lets see Chicago has had 12 shot in 7 hours, so that would mean that a gun would have had to call a cab and tell the driver where to go and to slow down so it could get the shot off as need per target. Then pay the driver once it got back to its place. Is that what the mayor is saying that happen that there was no humans involved in these shooting that the gun all by itself did all of this killing, plus all the other thru out the years. This must be some kinda new smart gun requires no interaction from humans, you just tell it what to do and it does it. Maybe we should have military weapons like that and then we would not have to use soldiers. Nor need police anymore, just wait for the gun to act on it's own no need for the mayor and other government officials to have bodyguards 24 7 think of the money the stare could save, radar guns could monitor speeders and write their own tickets, This is how the democrats think and react to firearms, not the criminals fault its the law abiding person that needs attacked and more restrictions put on him, don't go after the law breaker, who don't heed the warning that's too hard, we want to take away from the person that wants to protect his person are family from harm. Just remember the police are only maybe 10 to 20 minutes away if your lucky and live in town next door to the police station. What could happen in such a short time when looking down the barrel of a gun are someone with a knife are axe, I mean sure they could tie you up and rape your wife, and daughter but what the hey, I mean you live in a gun free zone, so the bad guys are really go to be in trouble if they get caught. Remember police don't prevent crime they investigate after it happens. Isn't that comforting. I mean who in their right mind would want to go investigate a noise down stairs with a gun and keep a intruder from kidnapping your family are do them harm, just yell out to them that hey stop what your doing I am going to call the police and then you will be sorry. So stop what your doing and wait on them to get here. PLEASE Pretty Please. If you are of that mind set them you deserve what happens to you. And mostly likely you voted democrat and for Obama. If you are of the mind set of you have 10 seconds to leave are I am going to make sure you are dead when I find you, I'm not going to wound you are fire a warning shot ammo is to expensive, and I don't want a hole in my celling. All my weapons requires a human to use in cases of self defense, they do not have a mind of their own like the ones used in Chicago.