Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another jab at Bush? Obama to visit NOLA for Katrina anniversary

President Obama--who has spent much of his presidency blaming George W. Bush for his own problems as president--is heading to New Orleans next week for the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Bush's handling of the relief efforts from the devastating storm were universally attacked by the Democrats and their enablers in the mainstream media. The mayor of NOLA at the time Ray Nagin, and Louisiana's governor, Kathleen Blanco, escaped scorn. Why? Because they were Democrats.

Look for the media to gang up on Bush next week. Again.

As for Obama--he'll tell us his presidency has made another Katrina-type failure impossible--it will be a subtle jab at Bush. But of course not against his fellow Dems.

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Anonymous said...

Blanco and Nagin, should have been charged with murder. Blanco refuse to let the Nat. Guard in for three days. They were health in N. La. Bush begged her. She was heard on the phone saying she wanted to make Bush look bad.Nagin had all the school buses he could have gotten all the people out,most didn't have cars. He was so stupid he didn't want it to cost the city. He is now in the fed. Pen for scamming the money that was sent to help the people. Both Dems senator Laundiue was in her mansion in DC. That's the truth. I"m from N La.