Saturday, June 20, 2015

Monday: Reagan statue to be unveiled inside California capitol

Reagan statue,
Dixon, IL
Because of the greatness of his presidency, it's easy to overlook that for eight years Ronald Reagan was governor of America's most populous state.

From the Auburn (CA) Journal:
A labor of love for many, a bronze statue of California Gov. Ronald Reagan – and, oh yes, a U.S. president as well – will be unveiled at the Capitol in Sacramento on Monday, the culmination of three years of artistic effort by Auburn's own Doug Van Howd.

Since 2012, Van Howd has been working closely with the Reagan family and the Ronald Reagan Centennial Capitol Foundation to create a memorial statue to be placed in the Capitol's lower rotunda that seamlessly replicates the ex-president's character.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who turns 94 on July 6, is giving the project the presidential seal of approval – and a shout-out to Sacramento as a bonus. She’s been providing input to Van Howd on the minutiae of the creation, down to tie tacks and shoe styles.

"We worked hard during our years in Sacramento, but it was also our home, and we truly enjoyed it," Reagan said in a release leading up to the ceremony at 11 a.m. Monday. "I'm thrilled that my husband's statue will stand in such a prominent place, welcoming all who visit the State Capitol."
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