Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Flashback: 2012 Dem convention in Charlotte held near Confederate markers

Sanctimonious Democrats are waving their righteous fingers in the direction of states from the South that continue to use the Confederate battle flag in various ways.

But in 2012 the Democratic National Convention was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, a city I visited that spring. Proceedings were held in the Time-Warner Cable Arena in Uptown. Also in Uptown is a historical plaque noting the site of the Confederate Navy Yard, and within a one block stretch of Tryon Street there are markers at the site of where the last meetings of Jefferson Davis' cabinet was held, where Davis learned of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, and the location of the home where Judah Benjamin, the final Confederate secretary of state, resided as the cabinet fled Union troops.

They're just a five minute walk from the Time-Warner Cable Arena. And Democratic politicians never complained.

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