Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dirty tricks continue in IL18 against conservative Mike Flynn

Chillicothe, Illinois--18th District
The milquetoast Republican Party of Illinois feels threatened by the grassroots campaign by conservative champion Mike Flynn in the special primary election in Illinois' 18th Congressional District.

From Breitbart:
Speaking to Breitbart News Sunday, Big Government founding editor Mike Flynn, a conservative activist running for the seat vacated by Aaron Shock, recounted the ways the central Illinois GOP is trying to quash his candidacy.

Flynn says that, instead of making robocalls which can be recorded, supporters of his primary opponent Darin LaHood are conducting live calls and telling voters in the deeply conservative district that Flynn is a liberal Republican.

"They're saying I support amnesty, that I support banning hand guns," said Flynn. "They're not even testing the truth — they're just outright lying, wholesale."

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