Tuesday, March 24, 2015

National Parks: Money for Pullman boondoggle but not for $11.5 billion maintenance backlog

Grand Canyon National Park
Last month with great fanfare President Obama announced that Chicago's Pullman District will be transformed into a National Park. Not surprisingly, the state of Illinois failed in turning the neighborhood into a tourist attraction. It spent millions on the Pullman Clock Tower that it bought in 1991.

The building is empty.

Lesson learned? Of course not. The feds will double down on the state's failure--while creating a Valhalla at Pullman to the labor movement--which is a key cog in Obama's liberal political machine. Few people will want to visit Pullman, I am sure. What we'll have here is politics masquerading as history.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service says it has a maintenance of backlog of $11.5 billion in the parks that tourists want to see--such as the Grand Canyon.

The National Park Service needs to be saved from itself.

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