Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No free speech: Twitter suspends account of global warming skeptic

Marathon Pundit
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Is my Twitter account next? Is yours?

From the Daily Caller:
Twitter has suspended the account of Steven Goddard, the pseudonym of a well-known blogger who is critical of man-made global warming.

After receiving messages of complaints against his account from Twitter in late February, Goddard woke up Monday morning to find his account had been suspended for violating Twitter's rules.

"I tried to make a tweet around 8 am, and it failed to go through," Goddard told the Daily Caller News Foundation. "Then a message appeared at the top of my Twitter account, saying that my account had been suspended for 'violation of Twitter rules.'"
The quest for human knowledge is never complete. Besides, much of the proof of global warming is centered on easily-manipulated computer models.

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