Monday, March 23, 2015

Chiraq: 4 dead and 18 wounded over the weekend

With two weeks to go before Chicago's mayoral election, violence is not taking a holiday. Over the past weekend four Chicagoan were murdered and at least 18 others wounded.

The experts--what good are they by the way?--can't blame warm weather, as it was rather chilly this past weekend and it snowed on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Experts? Ha! Read what this dolt posted about weather and violence: "Yesterday was the warmest day in months in Chicago. And sadly, the worst of the worst celebrated by unleashing carnage. Three Chicagoans were murdered yesterday in shootings across the city. One of the fatalities was a 77 year-old great=grandfather. At least 11 city residents were wounded.
Sound familiar, dolt?

John Ruberry said...

Ah yes, the duality of man that Carl Jung wrote about