Monday, March 16, 2015

Al Gore: Punish climate change non-believers

2015 Super Bowl Sunday
Blizzard, Morton Grove, IL
"I don't subscribe to your religion!"
Ringo Starr in Help!

Nor am I a member of Al Gore's Earth worshippers. The pope of global warming spoke at the The South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival last week.

From EcoWatch:
For the third time in the last few years, Al Gore, founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project, spoke at the festival on Friday. Naturally, his interactive discussion focused on addressing the climate crisis. The former vice president focused on the need to "punish climate-change deniers, saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting 'accepted science,'" said the Chicago Tribune.
Last month in Chicago tied a 140 year-old record for the coldest month in the city's history. This past winter was the snowiest in Boston's history.


Anonymous said...

GLOBALLY, 2014 was the warmest year in recorded history, according to the SCIENTISTS at NASA and the NOAA. It was 1.24 degrees higher than the global average. 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have occurred this century. These findings are consistent with the scientific models linking climate change and CO2.
Yet this tiresome, well-funded denial doltishness persists, endangering current and future generations.
Science is not religion.

John Ruberry said...

NASA climate scientists: We said 2014 was the warmest year on record... but we're only 38% sure we were right

Read more:
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Anonymous said...

Do tell! The Nazi and apartheid enthusiasts at the Daily Mail tabloid are now dabbling in climate change denial? That's a game changer! Though I'll stick with the scientists at NASA and the NOAA, if it's all the same to you.