Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In statement on ISIS beheading of Christians--Obama doesn't mention their faith

In his statement about the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya by the Islamic State, Obama failed to mentioned that they were killed because of the faith.

From the Christian Post:
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins slammed President Obama Monday, saying that it's "troubling" the president refuses to call the Egyptians beheaded by ISIS "Christians."

"ISIS made very clear in this video that this was an execution of 'people of the cross.' ISIS apparently has no difficulty saying 'Christian,' while the White House has a very difficult time," Perkins said during an appearance on Fox News' "The Kelly File" Monday night.

Critics of Obama have also questioned why the administration refuses to call ISIS "radical Islamic terrorists"; unlike his British counterpart, Prime Minister David Cameron, who has, on many occasions, spoken out against the global "Islamist extremist terrorist threat."
Of course Obama's brand of Christianity is the anti-American and racist bile that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright served up each Sunday.

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