Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rauner: Ban public sector unions from donating to Illinois campaigns

Illinois finally has a governor who will stand up to the unions--reformer Bruce Rauner:

From QCOnline:
A public sector union, said the governor, can and has given candidates millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours, essentially saying, "After you win, let’s negotiate our pension and work rules and healthcare."

"Come on," Gov. Rauner said. "If that went on in business all the time, somebody would be out of job, at a minimum, and somebody probably would be going to jail."

Gov. Rauner said businesses with state contracts valued at more than $50,000 are prohibited from giving to state candidates. That also should be the case for unions negotiating labor contracts with the state, he said.
Unions vehemently opposed Rauner both in the Republican primary and the general election--now we can see why. Good from Bruce.

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