Thursday, January 29, 2015

(Photos) Grand Canyon in Snow, part one

Four years ago Mrs. Marathon Pundit and I traveled to the Grand Canyon. December in northern Arizona can be cold, but luckily for us it snowed while we were driving to the national park from Las Vegas. Which meant great pictures.

This photograph was taken just south of the park. In the distance are snow clouds.

This bull elk and a male companion greeted us at the visitor's center.

As it was near the end of the day many tourists were leaving the visitor's center, warning us that they were at the Grand Canyon all day and they only saw fog. But then it lifted.

The trees give perspective to the size of these sedimentary rock formations.

The snow brings out the rock layers in this picture.

At the bottom--a long way down--is the Colorado River.

The banana yucca is a common Grand Canyon plant.

 I just had to get myself into this post somehow.

Douglas firs are common on the highest level of the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

A much closer look.

More Douglas firs.

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