Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sun-Times: Chicago Obama library sites in trouble

University of Chicago
Chicago patriots--yes, there are some--may luck out and be spared the presence of the Obama presidential library.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
The Barack Obama Foundation has major problems with the University of Chicago bid for the Obama presidential library and museum and is uneasy about the bid from the University of Illinois at Chicago, leaving Columbia University in New York the front-runner for the project.

A source close to the foundation told me that the University of Chicago bid is in jeopardy because it does not own — and has no definite path to acquiring at present — any of the South Side sites the school proposed in its Dec. 11 bid. The land is owned by the Chicago Park District.

"There are major concerns with the three potential sites in the University of Chicago proposal given the fact that neither the school nor the City of Chicago control the sites," the source said.
Meanwhile, the foundation faults leadership issues with the University of Illinois-Chicago's bid. Coincidentally, or maybe not, Obama's terrorist bud, Bill Ayers, was a professor at UIC for many years.

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