Monday, December 22, 2014

Flip flop flip: Obama supported, then opposed, then supported Cuba normalization

If you want to know President Obama's position on an issue, I suggest you look back at his answers to a 2003 questionnaire from the left-wing group Independent Voters of Illinois – Independent Precinct Organization.

For instance, here is how he responded to a query about normalization of relations with Cuba:
Our longstanding policies toward Cuba have been a miserable failure, evidenced by the fact that Fidel Castro is now the longest-serving head of state in the world. If our isolationist policies were meant to weaken him, they certainly haven’t worked. I believe that normalization of relations with Cuba would help the oppressed and poverty-stricken Cuban people while setting the stage for a more democratic government once Castro inevitably leaves the scene.
But in 2007 Obama said in a presidential debate that he was against normalization.
MODERATOR: Normalize relations, whether or not Fidel Castro isn't... OBAMA: No, but there are two things we can do right now to prepare for that and that is loosen travel restrictions for family members, Cuban-Americans who want to visit, and open up remittances so that they are able to support family members, many of them who are fighting for their liberty in right now. MODERATOR: But for now...OBAMA: I would not normalize relations, but those two things, those two shifts in policy would send a signal that we can build on once Castro's out of power."
Now Obama supports normalization with the Cuban communists.

Oh, I forgot. He always has.

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