Monday, October 20, 2014

No photo ID needed this time: Early voting begins today in Illinois

In a sleazy one-time attempt t by Gov. Pat Quinn to gin up his dwindling base of voters, Illinoisans who wish to vote early, unlike in past elections, will not required to show a photo ID when they do so.

Early voting begins today across Illinois is village halls, public libraries, and similar such places. It continues until Saturday, November 1

Patriots: Please vote, whether early or on Election Day. In its first endorsement editorial in three years, the Chicago Sun-Times says, "On Nov. 4, voters will decide if Illinois is to grow and charge ahead, reclaiming its place as one of the great states in the Union, or to settle — once and for all — for defeat and decline."

The Sun-Times, along with every other newspaper so far in Illinois, is urging a vote for Republican Bruce Rauner.

Get out and vote. Bring your voting age teens, bring your grandparents, bring your right-thinking neighbors.

Vote prosperity. Vote Republican. This is the most important local election of our lifetime.

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