Sunday, August 17, 2014

Coming soon: ReaganBook social networking site

Reagan boyhood home on left
Good news, my fellow conservatives: a conservative alternative to Facebook is on its way: ReaganBook.

From Fox News:
Are you a conservative feeling censored on Facebook?

The makers of a new social network called "ReaganBook" want you to know it's okay to un-friend the website -- and turn to what they call their "platform for all freedom-loving Americans."

ReaganBook is the brainchild of conservative activist Janet Porter, who said she decided to start a new network after seeing several pro-life, pro-Israel and anti-gay marriage posts blocked by Facebook. She is promoting the site as the conservative social media alternative.

"ReaganBook's purpose is to be what Facebook could've been but chose not to be," Porter told
I've actually, save one instance, never been censored on Facebook. That one time was the result of the union front group Illinois Freedom PAC blocking me from commenting on their anti-Bruce Rauner posts. Rauner is the Republican nominee for Illinois governor. The Democratic nominee, failed incumbent Pat Quinn, is such a pariah that not even the labor goons can openly support him. The union lackeys on the Illinois Freedom PAC Facebook page dubbed me a troll, which was a cheap shot because their posts, not at my request, appeared on my FB homepage.

ReaganBook isn't live yet.

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PistolPacking Santa said...

Once again the cowardly Liberal trolls have managed to silence free speech for patriotic Americans. What are they so afraid of?

John Ruberry said...

The truth.