Friday, July 11, 2014

IRS? VA Scandal? Justice Dept looking at Obama outhouse parade float

Norfolk, Nebraska in 2005
If Eric Holder's Justice Department was in charge of the emergency response on 9/11, they would have focused on writing parking tickets in lower Manhattan that day.

The Obama White House is embroiled in several scandals, including the IRS targeting of conservative groups, secret waiting lists at VA hospitals, and the Benghazi coverup, none of which the Justice Department shows no interest in investigating.

But faux outhouses in Nebraska are a different matter.

From the Omaha World-Herald:
The U.S. Department of Justice has joined the discussions over a controversial float in the Norfolk Independence Day parade.

The department sent a member of its Community Relations Service team, which gets involved in discrimination disputes, to a Thursday meeting about the issue. Also at the meeting were the NAACP, the Norfolk mayor and The Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

The Odd Fellows organized the parade. One of the floats included a zombie-like mannequin standing near an outhouse labeled "Obama Presidential Library."
Norfolk, a pleasant village which I visited in 2005, is best known for being Johnny Carson's hometown.

As for outhouses and their modern equivalent, the bathroom, they are used every day by just about everyone.

Who can make that claim about presidential libraries?

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