Friday, July 11, 2014

ILL-inois: Quinn takes part in anti-violence march with race-baiter Pfleger

Fr. Michael Pfleger
As long as I can remember there have been anti-violence marches in Chicago.

They don't work.

A few days after a painfully bloody weekend in Chiraq--14 dead and 82 wounded--Illinois' hapless governor, Democrat Pat Quinn, participated in one of those dog-and-pony show parades on the South Side with that notorious meddlesome priest, Father Michael Pfleger.

A onetime spiritual advisor to Barack Obama, Pfleger's most infamous tirade was when he ridiculed Hillary Clinton for believing the presidency belonged to her because she was white while "preaching" on the pulpit belonging to the toxic Jeremiah Wright, Obama's then-pastor.

Quinn has his own problems. Shortly before Election Day four years ago, Rod Blagojevich's two-time running mate authorized a $50 million anti-violence program that turned out to be as effective as those peace marches. His Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, which was nothing more than a political slush fund, is now under federal investigation.

The bullets will continue to fly in Chicago.

Oh, I almost forgot. A Pfleger-run group received over $1 million in NRI cash.

Welcome to ILL-inois.

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