Thursday, February 27, 2014

New global warming believers' panic: Coffee shortage

No global warming here
Because of so-called human-caused global warming, drowning polar bears are not the only tragedy to worry about. Are you ready for this one: Climate change is behind a coffee shortage.

From Slate via the Chicago Tribune:
The current run on coffee is an example of the kinds of follow-on effects to be expected as the climate warms and rainfall patterns become more erratic. The ongoing lack of rainfall, coupled with record high temperatures across the whole of southeast South America during the current Southern Hemisphere summer, is just the kind of extreme weather event that's been becoming more common over recent years. In an era of scientific consensus that we humans are doing this to ourselves, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Back in 2011, Starbucks' head of sustainability, Jim Hanna, called increasingly extreme weather linked to climate change a "potentially significant risk to our supply chain." But Brazil's government — much like ours here in the United States — seems to have its head stuck in the sand on what to do about it.
Huh? Other than Al Gore, no political figure in America is tied to the global warming cult than President Obama.

Also, if global warming is real, won't it make another area of the planet, say North Carolina, a viable coffee growing region?

Besides, there is always tea as a caffeine replacement.

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