Thursday, February 27, 2014

The outrage of global warming believers

Lake Michigan
Forbes' James Taylor reacts to the outrage of global warmer believers over Charles Krauthammer's column calling into question the "settled science."
This leads one to wonder when the science became "settled." Was it seven years ago when alarmists claimed global warming would reduce the frequency and severity of Arctic cold fronts reaching the United States, or this winter when they blame an increase in such repeated Arctic cold fronts on global warming? Was it three weeks ago when Time claimed global warming is bringing an end to snowfall, or two weeks ago when every state but Florida had snow on the ground and alarmists blamed it on global warming? Was it in 2007 when alarmists claimed global warming was melting Antarctic ice sheets, or in 2013 when they said global warming is causing record Antarctic ice extent? Was it in 1998 when alarmist computer models predicted dramatic warming during the following 16 years, or today after no such warming has occurred?

When Charles Krauthammer and others ask such questions, one would expect global warming advocates who feel secure in their supporting scientific evidence to present the evidence and let the science do the talking. When prominent global warming advocates such as Barack Obama, John Kerry, and [Time Magazine's] Jeffrey Kluger respond instead by engaging in juvenile name-calling – "flat earthers," "unfrozen caveman" – this tells us where the science really stands. It's like watching a spoiled three-year-old respond to his parents' logical admonition to not eat sugar all day by flailing himself on the floor and throwing a three-hour temper tantrum. It may make for good theatrics, but it hardly addresses the sound science behind his parents’ admonition.
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