Wednesday, January 08, 2014

(MSNBC video) Chuck Todd says Gates' book reinforces that Hillary will say and do anything to win

In his new memoir, Robert Gates has this to say about Hillary Clinton.
Hillary told the president that her opposition to the [2007] surge in Iraq had been political because she was facing him in the Iowa primary. . . . The president conceded vaguely that opposition to the Iraq surge had been political. To hear the two of them making these admissions, and in front of me, was as surprising as it was dismaying.
The surge of course succeeded, but because Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq early--before the 2012 election--those Bush-era victories are being reversed.

This morning, NBC liberal Chuck Todd had this to say about Hillary. It reinforces "one of the biggest knocks" against the likely 2016 presidential candidate, "that she will say and do anything to win."

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