Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ILL-inois: If there is a pension deal--what is it?

Supposedly there is a bi-partisan deal in Springfield to fix Illinois' worst-funded-in-the-nation public pension system. But only the political big shots know the details.

So is there a deal?

From a Chicago Tribune op-ed:
With Illinois lawmakers preparing to return to Springfield next week for a pension reform vote, you might think House and Senate leaders have an agreement in hand. One they could show the people.

Host a news conference. Release the details of a draft bill. Be transparent. Leave time for debate. Give everyone who has a stake in this — that's every citizen, every taxpayer in Illinois — time to digest what is sure to be a complicated and massively consequential bill.

That's how it's done right?

Hmmmmm, no. The folks in Springfield tend to reveal the details of big legislation like a game of three-card monte. There-it-is-now-vote!
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