Friday, October 11, 2013

Ditka: Not running against Obama in '04 "Biggest mistake I've ever made"

Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka, the Coach of America, said in North Dakota last week that not challenging Barack Obama for the US Senate in Illinois in 2004 was "the biggest mistake I've ever made."

Ditka added that he probably would have defeated Obama and that would have prevented his rise to the White House.

The NFL Hall-of-Famer was among the names tossed around by Republicans after the party's nominee, Jack Ryan, bowed out of the race after lurid details were released from his sealed divorce records. The rock solid conservative briefly flirted with the idea of tossing his helmet in the ring.

Dtika praised the oil boom in North Dakota, "It's a boom for this state and for the country…of course, if the politicians don’t screw it up somehow."

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1 comment:

Levois said...

That could've been an interesting campaign. Bears fans would've votes in force I'm sure. Too bad he thought himself too old. He's have been much better than Alan Keyes. I don't know what they were thinking back then with Keyes.