Sunday, July 28, 2013

(Exclusive photos) Restored prairie mowed: Morton Grove's crop circles

Two days ago the Chicago Tribune--paid subscription required--wrote of the diligence of volunteers with the blessing of Cook County Forest Preserve District who wish to rid the woods and meadows of invasive species so native plants can thrive.

Among the weapons used are prescribed burns. But lawnmowers are not included in the arsenal of dedicated naturalists.

For the second time in three years, a lawnmower--or a tractor--has run amok at the Linne Woods restored tallgrass prairie in Morton Grove. Only this time instead of communing with nature, the four-wheeled vandal might have been reaching for the sky--could a message be in these vile mowings?

Now there is always a chance--a remote one--that this action was sanctioned by the District or qualified volunteers. But I doubt it.

Who did it? A rogue CCFPD employee? A drunk mower?

The sign says, "Ecological Restoration, why do we do it? Behind it is mowed grassland.

This sign reads, "This area has been planted with native grasses and wildflowers to improve erosion control, provide wildlife habitat, reduce maintenance costs, and restore our natural heritage. Please do not mow or disturb, but do enjoy its beauty."

Some folks can't read or just don't care.

I did promise crop circles.

On the Kinks Village Green Preservation Society, Ray Davies sang of the stoic "Big Sky." Well, I imagine the Big Sky can see the carnage.

Mow it, don't grow it. Wrong. 

Yes, most of the prairie was not mowed. But if you don't think something is seriously wrong here, then you must hate nature.

These photographs were taken early this afternoon.

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