Friday, June 28, 2013

(Audio) Gov. Pat Quinn loudly booed at Blackhawks Stanley Cup rally

Illinois' failed governor, Pat Quinn, was loudly booed at today's Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory rally in Grant Park earlier today. Mayor Rahm Emanuel also spoke--and he wasn't booed.

As for Rahm's fellow Chicago Democrat, the heckling was not a reflexive action--it was a long and sustained booing.

It's been 435 days since Quinn said he was "put on earth" to fix Illinois pension system, which is underfunded  by $100 billion.

The Blackhawks had One Goal this season--bringing the Cup back to Chicago..

As for Quinn, he belongs in the Prairie State's penalty box. And he deserves to be booed forever.

Oh, wait for the final two seconds when someone shouts, "Go away, jackass!"

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