Friday, December 07, 2012

Pearl Harbor Day: Crew removing WWII fighter from Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan at Fort Sheridan
Although thousands of miles from the fighting in Europe and the Pacific, Lake Michigan was part of the American World War II effort.

Artillery units trained by firing on drones flying over the lake at Fort Sheridan. Elsewhere on the Illinois portion of America's largest lake pilots, including George H.W. Bush, practiced aircraft carrier landings. The aviators were from Glenview Naval Air Station. That base, like Fort Sheridan, closed in the 1990s.

Today--Pearl Harbor Day--a crew is removing an FM-2 "Wildcat" fighter that crashed into the lake near Waukegan in 1944.

The recovered plane will be put on display at a museum in Glenview, which I'm ashamed to admit--since it is so close to my home--I had no idea existed.

Every year veteran, patriot, and Illinois native Dave Logan--ThirdWaveDave--posted an entry on Pearl Harbor Day. Dave passed away in August.

This post is in honor of him. I'm sure Dave would have liked this entry.

Logan was the producer of the Andrea Shea King Show. Click here for Andrea's Pearl Harbor Day post.

UPDATE 1:30pm CST:

With 100 onlookers at the scene, the fighter was successfully pulled from Waukegan Harbor.

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PatriotUSA said...

Sharing on my site and Dave was a fine, fine person.

Greybeard said...

Thank you for this John.
Unlike me, Dave was indefatigable and had great hope for the future, and that motivated him to continue trying to educate others about our history.
I'm wearing out. But posts like yours help recharge my batteries, even if only temporarily.