Friday, December 07, 2012

Michigan legislature passes right-to-work bill

Michigan flag on the left
There is good news for workers and job seekers in Michigan. The state legislature there passed right-to-work legislation.

From the Wall Street Journal--paid subscription required:
Michigan would be the 24th state to institute a right-to-work law. Studies by Richard Vedder of Ohio University and the American Legislative Exchange Council have found major job gains in right-to-work states and losses in the northeastern and midwestern forced-union states. Right-to-work laws don't ban unions; they simply give workers the choice whether to join. Economist Arthur Laffer, who has also studied the issue, says: "This is the best thing Michigan could do for an economic rebound."

But don't count the unions, who will bring in more troops from out of state and put up fierce resistance to the measure. For the unions. this is a life-or-death issue. Labor bosses depend on forced union dues to keep their political operations intact and their war chests full. Losing Indiana was bad for the unions, but if one of the most unionized states in the nation goes right-to-work, expect more states to follow.
A mob organized by union workers protested the vote in Lansing. These banana republic antics didn't work in Wisconsin last year and they won't work this time. Governor Rick Snyder says he will sign the legislation.

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