Friday, July 13, 2012

Shame: Obama hack Ben LaBolt compares Romney to Nixon

"Richard M." Obama, 1980, Occidental College student
Ben LaBolt, the former deputy White House press secretary who is now a spokesman for Priorities USA, a pro-Obama PAC, just launched this missile on Fox News' America's Newsroom: "Mitt Romney is the most secretive candidate we've seen since Richard Nixon."


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Voters knew less of Obama than any major candidate for president in the modern era. He purposely shrouded his extremist past from Americans. When reading Stanley Kurtz' Radical-In-Chief, you learn of Obama's close ties socialist groups such as the Midwest Academy and the New Party, the latter endorsed Obama in his 1996 state Senate run.

Obama has never fully-explained his relationship--and how far it goes back--with unrepentant terrorists Bernardine Dorhn and Bill Ayers.

Where are Obama's college records? He admits to having lackluster grades in high school, but how did he get admitted to a prestigious college, Occidental, and then a very prestigious one, Columbia? What were his SAT and LSAT scores?

Dohrn and Ayers, Occupy
Chicago rally, May 18
The Wall Street Journal wrote about Obama's "Lost Years" in 2008. Romney does not have any lost years.

The New York Times was rebuffed in 2007 by the campaign when it tried to learn more about his Columbia years. Yes, the liberal New York Times was told "No." When asked why, Ben LaBolt replied at the time, "He doesn't remember the names of a lot of people in his life."

I thought Obama was so smart.

Moving ahead a few years, President Obama invoked executive privilege to block the House Oversight Committee from gaining access to Justice Department documents involving the botched gun-running scheme "Fast and Furious." Unlike most political scandals, this one has a fatality--a U.S Border Patrol agent.

Is there a Nixonian cover-up taking place within the Obama administration? Why so secretive?

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