Monday, May 21, 2012

Pics from the anti-NATO march you won't see in the establishment media

As with Occupy Chicago's May Day march, yesterday's Anti-NATO march brought out the extremists. And I have more photographs that the establishment media won't ever consider using.

The Workers Party USA is a communist organization. Oh, spell check doesn't catch all errors.

Another commie group, the Workers World Party.

Bradley Manning, the accused WikiLeaks betrayer of our country, is the new Mumia Abu Jamal for the far-left.

Most of the marchers yesterday probably view President Obama as a political moderate. He's not.

Black bloc anarchists before the march. After I took this photograph, one of them screamed at me, "No photographs!" That's his finger on lower right. are wearing masks, if possible, chill out.

Anarchists meeting behind closed sheets. The small sign reads, "No pictures, no staring, f*ck off!" Is the black bloc not part of the so-called 99 percent? I witnessed a similar private meeting on Michigan Avenue near the end of the march. No joke, that time they said, "We were just peeing."

Thankfully they did not recognize me from Tuesday's 'F*ck the Police' march.

"Commie faggot and proud. Free the Bridgeport 5." The five are black bloc anarchists who are facing terrorism charges. They were allegedly planning to bomb police stations, the Obama campaign headquarters, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house during the NATO Summit.

As I've stated before, you can't have a left-wing rally without Palestinian flags. Oh, the building in the center of the background is where Obama's campaign headquarters is located.

"End U.S. aid to Israel," the sign reads. On the woman's right is a man wearing a Chicago Teachers Union T-shirt. The CTU endorsed the Occupy movement last fall. Participation by unions was surprisingly light at this march--but I saw at least a dozen of other people wearing CTU shirts yesterday.

The pre-march rally was sparsely attended.

"Diplomacy: Good enough for North Korea, good enough for Iran!" His shirt reads, "9/11 was in inside job."

Her homemade sign reads, "Mubarak--check, Qaddafi--check, Walker--your (sic) next." Yes, she is comparing Wisconsin's effective Republican reform governor to the onetime Libyan and Egyptian strongmen.

And what does "US colonialism" have to do with NATO?

John Lennon sang, "But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't going make it with anyone anyhow." True, so true.

Look for "austerity" to be the next rallying cry for the left.

The flag of the Evil Empire.

Yes, there is an animal called the fishing cat. What does it have to do with NATO? Okay, the establishment media would probably use this photograph.

The Cuban Five are guilty, unlike the thousands of political prisoners suffering under the rule of the Castro brothers in that 'socialist paradise.'

The planet is not going to be killed.

I can't add anything to that message.

There were other signs using that statement yesterday.

At every one of these protests I encounter a message I agree with.

Welcome to Chicago.

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