Thursday, May 31, 2012

How bad is ObamaCare? Even a 'popular' part of it is unpopular

ObamaCare is sooooo unpopular that even one of the better received parts of it, the small business tax credit, is not so popular.

From AP:
Although opinion polls show the credit is one of the most popular ideas in President Barack Obama's health care law, only 170,300 businesses out of a pool of as many as 4 million potentially eligible claimed it in 2010, about 4 percent.

A recent government report found the tax credit time-consuming to apply for and not rewarding enough to be financially attractive.
To begin with, the GAO said, the tax credit is structured so its biggest benefits go to very small companies paying low wages. About 4 out of 5 such businesses don't offer coverage, and the tax credit is not sufficient to encourage them to start doing so.

"Small employers do not likely view the credit as a big enough incentive to begin offering health insurance," the report said.
Of course ObamaCare could be in history's dustbin--which is a well-deserved fate--if the US Supreme Court throws the bill out.

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