Friday, April 13, 2012

Video: Occupy Chicago, The Musical

In my latest video from last week's Chicago Spring, an Occupy protest and march, we encounter Hare Krishnas, street theater, and chanting.

I'm not sure what the Hare Krishnas have to do with greed. As for the guy with the boot on his head, his name is Vermin Supreme and he's running for president. Early here he sings Graham Nash's "Chicago."

He told me that his platform includes a free pony for everyone.

But what if you live in a high-rise apartment?

I've been to a bunch of these protests and I'm noticing a lot more street theater. Oh well, their far-left message isn't gaining much traction--they might as well have fun.

But with these folks there is always The Protest.

"We protest...we protest...we protest..."

Even when they don't have a permit.

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1 comment:

CR said...

Do those people believe that anyone will take them seriously, given their behavior? I might find them mildly amusing except for their alarming lack of shame. It appears as if local asylums opened their doors, allowing the patients to roam free.

I suppose the same was said about hippies during the 1960's. I wasn't around for that, so I can't be sure. Either way, these people should find something constructive to do with their time.