Sunday, April 08, 2012

Video: Occupy Chicago member talks about his flash mob fare jumping

A fare strike, which is a flash mob of mass transit fare jumpers, occurred Saturday on Chicago's Pink Line.

How do I know? Because an Occupy Chicago member told me so. I spoke with him at their 'Chicago Spring' in Grant Park yesterday afternoon.

I began the interview asking about his 'outfit,' I wanted to know about his colorful ski mask, but he led the conversation into a different direction--an Occupy el Barrio protest in Chicago's Near Southwest Side Pilsen neighborhood.

Metropolitan Correctional
Then he went into detail as to what a fare strike is.

"It's when a lot of people show up and say this is what we're willing to pay for this public service," he explained. "Today it was exactly zero."

And then? "So we just held open the door and we walked on to the station."

Without of course paying the fare. I also took a Chicago Transit Authority train to Chicago Spring--but I paid my $2.25.

Here's the ironic part: The Occupy freeloaders rode the Pink Line, most likely from the 18th Street station, to the Metropolitan Correctional Center downtown--which houses other lawbreakers--for a protest there.

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