Monday, February 20, 2012

Occupy Oakland holds another "F*ck the Police" march

Jan. 7 Occupy Oakland flyer
Yes, the Occupiers are different from us. The Berkeley Daily Planet explains.
When Berkeley's bad-ass brothers next door pay a Telegraph Avenue visit to its smaller uptown brothers, you might expect trouble on the Avenue. You might also expect that the marchers from downtown Oakland might be met by police.

But expectations went unfulfilled, as OO made nice, with self-memorials, while sticking it to cops.

The action had been billed as yet another "Fuck the Police," march, just the most recent in a series of FTP marches that often end in violence.

It takes two to tangle, as the saying goes, and our cops didn't tango. Nor did they tangle.
Yes, the 50 occupiers chanted "F*ck the police."

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