Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Larry Doyle, HuffPo, and the so-called "Jesus eating cult"

In his recent awful offal of a Huffington Post column, Larry Doyle insulted one billion of his fellow humans by calling the Roman Catholic Church a "The Jesus-Eating Cult."

I don't know Doyle, but his onetime collaborator on his Escaped from the Zoo and Pogo comic strips, Neal Sternecky, managed the Champaign, Illinois apartment building I lived in for a year while we were both students at the University of Illinois--we also had an advertising class together. Sternecky, like myself, is a graduate of Carl Sandburg High School--although I didn't know him them.

Because I've kept an eye on Sternecky's career--I've also had a cursory interest in Doyle. That acidic HuffPo column is not an aberration. Doyle's Daily Illini solo pieces were the type of mean-spirited rants you find on leftist sites such as Democrats Underground and of course HuffPo. My memory is like a bear trap--I distinctly remember a DI mock interview of Doyle where he mentioned that he wanted to masturbate during the interchange and later suggested that he desired to use razor blades to further his pleasure. Later Doyle tried to get the interviewer to admit that he was an asshole.

I agree, he is one.

As for Sternecky, he was the better half of that collaboration. He later discovered that he could write Pogo--which was later discontinued--without that distinctly not-funny asshole.

Yesterday Doyle issued a non-apology on HuffPo. He's a real...well, you know...

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