Sunday, January 15, 2012

Video: Chicago OccuMinister planning break-in of vacant home

"When laws are unjust," the Reverend Tom Gaulke told several hundred people at Occupy the Dream at Peoples Church on Chicago's North Side, "we have the obligation to disobey them."

Gaulke is the pastor at First Lutheran Church of the Trinity in the South Side Bridgeport neighborhood--which is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America denomination. This minister is a rising star among Chicago's radical religious left.

About half-way into his four minute economic sermon, Gaulke reminded the OccuFlock that Chicago has many homeless people and many vacant homes. The pastor's take? "Negligence and fraud on Wall Street should lead to the arrest and prosecution of bankers and the bankruptcy of banks."

Wow. Is he serious? Folks, this is not the Lutheran Church of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon.

Gaulke has plans for this week. "We will be supporting a homeless family in reoccupying a vacant house."

Later he said, "We will reoccupy homes that have become vacant."

That's called trespassing, my friends.

The "reoccupy," or rather the break-in, will take place on Thursday afternoon--details will be emailed to individuals such as myself who graciously left their email addresses with Occupy the Dream today.

Gaulke and 15 others were arrested in October while attempting to "occupy" the Mortgage Bankers Conference in downtown Chicago. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), who also spoke at Occupy the Dream, addressed the the group before that occupation. Gaulke is proud of that, calling himself a member of the SOUL 16.

I didn't catch Gaulke on a bad day. Here's what he told the Chicago Tribune in October:
The more the corporations focus on the wealthy, the more they worship the god of wealth, the more they're sacrificing the 99 percent. The crisis isn't just economic or political. Really, it's a spiritual crisis. For Christians, it's a matter of idolatry.
Occupiers, you have your pastor--the OccuMinister, the Reverend Tom Gaulke.

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steveegg said...

Actually, it is Keillor's "Lutheran" church.

I'm not surprised the E"L"CA is this joker's denomination. They are to the left of Che Guevara.

Anonymous said...

ELCA is the most liberal Lutheran denomination, sort of like the PCUSA is to the Presbyterians.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the press!