Sunday, November 20, 2011

Video: Occupy San Francisco interfaith march protests at Pritzker's Hyatt

In September unionized Hyatt employees went on strike for a week--they've been working without a contract for over two years. The workers' union, UNITE HERE, held a series of one-day strikes at various Hyatts prior to the autumn walkout.

Earlier this evening Occupy San Fransisco led an interfaith march to one of the Hyatt's SF properties, and at the end of their protest they sang the spiritual, "This Little Light of Mine."

In 2003, Obama walked a UNITE HERE picket line at the Chicago's Congress Hotel--where I once worked, by the way.

Our radically pro-union and anti-business president has been silent about these strikes. One of his Chicago cronies, Penny Pritzker, sits on the board of Hyatt Hotels.

Meanwhile, his National Labor Relations Board is trying to block the opening of a Boeing plant that will employ thousands--because it is non-union.

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