Monday, November 21, 2011

Today's Occupy Occtrocities

San Francisco bay
Time for a new Marathon Pundit series--Occupy Occtrocities. What I plan to accomplish is a headline summary, kind of like Instapundit or the Drudge Report, of various Occupy Wall Street stories. If you have tip of about a recent occtrocity, email me at john "dot" ruberry "at" Original reporting from blogs go to the top of the pile.

And away we go!

Gateway Pundit: How gross!… HAZMAT called in to remove 200 POUNDS OF FECES near #Occupy Santa Cruz squatters camp
Breitbart TV: Newt hits protesters: Go get a job right after you take a bath
Atlas Shrugged: Obama-endorsed #OWS five star hypocrites: Chillin' at a $700-a-night hotel
KMTR-TV:Paramedics called to Occupy Eugene for alleged heroin overdose
The Province: Court says Occupy Vancouver must go
DNAInfo: Residents thank cops for clearing out Zuccotti Park
Hot Air: Awww: Protests featuring rape-free zones somehow less popular than the Tea Party
Pat Dollard: #Occupy movement vows to shut down all West Coast ports December 12
The Guardian: Occupy London: eviction bid cites desecration, defecation and drugs
iOwntheWorld: Visual comparison (US Flags)
CBS Los Angeles: LAPD: Serious crime up dramatically in area surrounding 'Occupy LA'
Thoughts from a Conservative Mom: Occupy vandals super glue ATMs
AFP: Occupy protesters bang drums at NY mayor's home
Spokane Examiner: SEIU President arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest
Marooned in Marin: Occupy Wall Street marchers In NY yesterday: "9/11 was an inside job"
She wouldn't join an Occupy protest--The Daily Californian: Man throws aluminum water bottle at UC Berkeley student's face
Advancing the Truth: Shootings at Occupy protests
Support Your Local Gunfighter: Retired PPD captain arrested at OWS
Weasel Zippers: Bias? what bias? Journalist union declares it proudly "Supports the Occupy movement"
American Power: Occupy America: Leftists and Islamists united
Iowahawk: With apologies to Allan Sherman
Gateway Pundit: CAUGHT ON TAPE– #Occupy Milwaukee commits ‘Recall Walker’ fraud – Gives kids cigs for their sig (Video)
Kennebec Journal: Violent incidents mar Occupy Maine
Big Government: *UPDATED* #OccupyWallStreet: The rap sheet, so far

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