Saturday, October 29, 2011

XTC's Harvest Festival and Julián Massaldi's live performance of it

XTC covered a lot of ground in their shimmering "Harvest Festival," an ode to autumn and marriage--and best of all it found a rhyme for "festival."

The boys from Swindon's penultimate album, Apple Venus Volume 1, was a tribute to the light classical music their parents listened to in the 1960s.

Today's Saturday musical selection is a two-fer. First watch a fan's video of XTC's studio version.

Now, enjoy Julián Massaldi performing "Harvest Festival" live in 2009. Of particular brilliance here is the use a violin--instead of the "Fool on the Hill" flutes on the XTC original.

One fabulous song--two great performances.

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Julian said...

Hi there. Just saw myself included here in your blog, and with one of my favorite covers too. So I just wanted to say, thanks for listening, liking and uploading! It's nice to know that the wonders of the web have taken my performance from a few years ago at the Notorious club in Buenos Aires to the U.S.

John Ruberry said...

You are welcome, Julian. Great performance.